Is it Wednesday yet? I just found my woman crush!

I have been under at ton of rocks because I had no idea this beauty with a VOICE even existed.  For those who don’t know Kelela is a vocalist hailing from Washington, DC of Ethiopian descent.  The jazz inspired singer-song writer gained notoriety with the debut of her 2013 mix tape Cut 4 Me.  The DMV native is back to give us new material, and a blazing hot video for her new single “A Message”.

As the visual for “A Messagebegins we are introduced to a topless Kelela.  She is featured in metallic coated skin, and piercing eyes that stare directly into the camera. The background is nightly black, making it impossible for you to be distracted or take your eyes off the songstress.  To a slow tempo, Kelela lifts her head, and expands her lips just enough to push out the words “You’re so clear to me, I can see right through you, when you look at me your someone else.” Kelela then transitions into this animated psychedelic character, who aides her in singing of the lyrics. The most salient part of the vid is a scene where Kelela amputates and says deuces to her long luscious locs.


Kelela is  true talent and definitely an artist to look out for.  Not only is Kelela’s sound unique, her music is soulful yet edgy and will yank emotions from your soul.  Kelela’s  tunes take you on a journey back to the 90’s ,but yet are current. The up and coming EP Hallucinogen, is set to be released May 5 and is a reflection of  the various phases that can occur in a relationship. “A Message” is the first track being released from the project. Kelela is currently touring through Europe, but you can keep up with her on Facebook by searching Kelela.

Check out the link to her masterpiece of a video below.


You will fail but so what, it’s all apart of the game!

I write to inspire, point blank period. I want to motivate everyone who reads my posts to become their best self.  I have learned throughout the years how crucial  inspiration is especially when trying to achieve greatness.

I was doing a little web browsing and came across an article that spoke about being fearless. The article was meant to aid small business owners but it was an article anyone could read and take something from. It spoke about being fearless. Recently, I went to a job interview for my dream job and completely failed. I was overly prepared for this interview and crammed so much information about the company into my head I forgot who I was, what I stand for and why I deserved that position. I was a wreck because I was way to apologetic. In those 20 minutes I allowed others to take my power, and sought validation.  I was focused more on what I didn’t have than what I did have.

Oh well the milk is spilled right ? I then treated myself to three shots of Jack, a Jack and Diana and a Corona.  (Oh and dinner, dinner was there too.) More importantly, even though I feel like a complete failure I remind myself I can only fail so many times before  I win 🙂

So cheers to being fearless enough to fail and continuing to work hard until the big win.

Check the link for the article below.


Patience is a What?!

Vera-Moore-BE-CoverIn the age of the millennials we have become accustom to microwavable results.  With that being said sayings like, “anything worth having is worth waiting for” have literally become just words and fallen on deaf ears. Fortunately,  we have veterans around like Vera Moore, her company is a living testimony that consistency and tenacity will take you to  the top . After 35 years in business and breaking barriers, Moore cosmetics continues to push the envelope and  has now gone global.   For my entrepreneurs Rome was not build in a day, nor will your business so stick with it and stay consistent!   What is the moral of this story one might ask? Patience is a what ?! Say it with me….VIRTUE!



Immensely talented cosmetic guru, Vera Moore, has gone global. Moore is a staple in the cosmetic industry. For over 30 years, Moore has been producing a quality skin care and makeup line for women of color. The affordable premium line known as Vera Moore Cosmetics is now available in China, and Mrs. Moore graciously credits the National Minority Business Council and the Global Entrepreneurship Center for their part in propelling this milestone.

Moore is no stranger to breaking barriers and continues to overcome the odds. Moore began her career as an actress in the soap opera Another World, which featured the first black family on NBC. It was during this time in her career that she saw a void in the market of quality makeup for women of color. And so Vera Moore Cosmetics was born. After creating the line, Moore went on to obtain some amazing cosmetic credits such as The Cosby Show, The Antwone Fisher Story (starring Denzel Washington) and Saturday Night Live.

That wasn’t enough for Moore. During the 1980’s, the Green Archers Mall in Long Island was being renovated, and she saw this as an opportunity to expand. “ I shop in that mall so I should be able to sell my products in that mall, it’s about economic empowerment. It took me three years to get in there but we were the first black tenets in the history of Green Archers Mall. We integrated that mall.” Fast forward to 2012, Vera Moore celebrated her product’s pickup in select nationwide Duane Reed and Walgreens stores in their upscale LOOK boutique. Now for 2014 Moore can rejoice again because her brand will be sold in a boutique located in a historical area of Shanghai, China.

Moore gives credit to the GEC for making the connection and putting entrepreneurs and businesswomen together. She says going global is all due to the NMBC. After meeting with one of the members of GEC, it only made sense for her to take the line back to Shanghai to be dispersed from her boutique. Since the product has made its way overseas, it has been flying off the shelves and in a week’s time products have had to be reordered. “This is magnificent and the first time we are truly going global and this is all due to the NMBC,” gloats Moore.

NMBC has been connecting entrepreneurs and nurturing small businesses for over 40 years. GEC has become a confluence for business women like Vera Moore and prides itself in connecting like minds with an objective to produce greatness. Even in 2014, NMBC is sticking to their mission, and there are no signs of them slowing down. For more information on Vera Moore Cosmetics visit veramoorecosmetics.com.

Puffy Explains why being an A**hole plays a part in being successful at the first Revolt Music Conference.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.18.12 AM

  I’ve always been a really sweet person( yea like pie), but seriously I don’t have one ruthless bone in my body. I knew when I moved to NYC and embarked on this journey that I would have to tweak my personality. Living in the most cut throat city in the world has taught me that bringing out my inner bad a** was not only a part of survival but a part of excelling. Now I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Mr. “Take that, take that ” himself but everyone I know who has tells me he is a a **hole( you didn’t hear that from me). Regardless if he is or not he is successful and his attitude played a major part in his success. So take a moment and check out this article and let him explain why being a little cut throat and selfish is necessary to make it to the top.

Check out the full Q & A and video from the media motha Necole Bitchie……


My favorite group of people are those who are perplexed and troubled about a situation but are adamant  about modifying and improving the situation.  That is precisely what the individuals of Harlem Fashion Row have done……..





The end of summer is a time when designers collaborate and bring elegance, art, and timelessness to New York City known as Fashion Week. Fashion is a billion dollar industry; one would only assume that that the makeup of designers would reflect the melting pot of the city.

Unfortunately, designers of color merely represent 1% of designers sold in major department stores. Disappointed with these statistics Harlem Fashion Row was founded in 2007 to be a voice for designers of color and to provide a platform for them to showcase and sell their collections to leaders in the fashion industry.

Harlem Fashion Row celebrates designers of color. Pandora jewelry proudly sponsored Harlem Fashion Row as they presented the collections of K.Milele, Harlem Haberdashery, and Josh & Nicol. The show opened with an award ceremony honoring trailblazers of color in the fashion community. Fashion designer Byron Lars started his own label over 20 years ago. He has designed gowns for first lady Michelle Obama and was recognized with the Designer of the Year Award. Super model Beverly Johnson took home the Icon 360 Award.

Forty years ago Beverly Johnson made history as the first African American model to ever grace the cover of Vogue Magazine. She graciously accepted her award, and says, “There were more black models and designers in 70’s than there are today. When I go to New York Fashion week and there are no women of color on the runway, that is a problem that needs to be addressed.

This is why Harlem Fashion Row is so important we need to be a beacon of light for ourselves.”

For more information on Harlem’s Fashion Row visit harlemfashionrow.com.