Amber Rose Releases Video “Walk Of No Shame”

Amber Rose is not here for your double standards, in fact she laughs at them.  The 31 year EX wife to rapper Wiz Khalifa recently teamed up with Funny or Die and released a thought provoking  video that takes jabs at a scenario most women can relate too, the infamous walk of shame.  (Yes ladies, she took it there).  

The narrative begins with the mother of one as she exits some lucky guys home bright and early in the AM with bare feet, heels in hand and last nights club attire.  It is very obvious she got laid the night before and struts her stuff with a beaming smile and blissful glow. As every one from the milk man to the paper boy congratulates her for embracing her sexuality!

The undertones in the video are amazing ! It is outrageous how in 2016 we still live in a society where women are disregarded for their sexual conquest but men are celebrated.  Bruce Jenner can call himself a woman and Rachel Dolezal can pretend to be Black but its unacceptable for women to be candid about their sexuality?

Check out the video below! Plus, you will never guess who the lucky guy is, or should I say not so lucky guy ! LOL ENJOY

Walk of No Shame