Lady Saw Talks New Album, Reality Television and Inspiring Women.

The Queen of Dance Hall is back with her new album Alter Ego. Marion Hall has been giving us hits for the past 25 years and continues to deliver fire. A listening party was held for Hall at Chung King Studios here in Manhattan, and the responses to the album have been explosive. The event was packed with media reps and other artists, such as reggae singer Serani, who came out to show love. After all of the commotion settled, I sat down with Lady Saw and had an intimate conversation with her about the album, reality TV and how she plans to uplift women.

The “I’ve got your man” singer shows no signs of settling down. Her newest fourteen track album includes melodic tunes and the infamous dance hall tracks she is praised for. This time around, Hall plays with different genres from country to blues while collaborating with mega-stars like Flo-rida, Estelle and Beres Hammond. While speaking on the collaborations with Flor-rida Lady Saw reflects back to her manager telling her “[Flo-rida] is too expensive, you can’t afford him.” When it was all said and done, the “Low” rapper agreed to do the song for free. Lady Saw humbly says, “God works everything out”.

The exchange between the timeless singer and I was comical when I asked about reality television. Lady Saw laughs and says, “ So much of my life is in the media and I’ll say things on stage and talk about my sex life because I like to shock people. My sex life is good, it’s very good. I can’t do the Hollywood thing, I can’t do the camera in my face every day. I’m a boring person on a regular day, my real friends are grown women and too busy counting their money from their businesses to gossip”.

When asked what she wanted people to get from this album, she simply answers “I want people to know there are layers to me, I want to inspire and uplift women.” Unbeknownst to her she is already supporting women in a big way. A percentage of the proceeds from Alter Ego will be going towards aiding battered women through the Lady Saw Foundation. The album includes songs that recognize abuse and recall abusive events that have occurred in her life.

Alter Ego is a complete mix of emotions but a pleaser none the less. It is now available on iTunes, and you can get additional information about The Lady Saw Foundation at

Clink the link to check out Lady Saw getting it in at her album release party in NYC


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