You will fail but so what, it’s all apart of the game!

I write to inspire, point blank period. I want to motivate everyone who reads my posts to become their best self.  I have learned throughout the years how crucial  inspiration is especially when trying to achieve greatness.

I was doing a little web browsing and came across an article that spoke about being fearless. The article was meant to aid small business owners but it was an article anyone could read and take something from. It spoke about being fearless. Recently, I went to a job interview for my dream job and completely failed. I was overly prepared for this interview and crammed so much information about the company into my head I forgot who I was, what I stand for and why I deserved that position. I was a wreck because I was way to apologetic. In those 20 minutes I allowed others to take my power, and sought validation.  I was focused more on what I didn’t have than what I did have.

Oh well the milk is spilled right ? I then treated myself to three shots of Jack, a Jack and Diana and a Corona.  (Oh and dinner, dinner was there too.) More importantly, even though I feel like a complete failure I remind myself I can only fail so many times before  I win 🙂

So cheers to being fearless enough to fail and continuing to work hard until the big win.

Check the link for the article below.


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