Excuses are tools of the Incompetent…………………..

We all make excuses as to why we haven’t reached our ultimate goals, myself included.  I’m constantly doubting myself. Not because I believe I can’t excel but simply because I allow others to distract me.  Regardless, I always regain focus, especially when I meet 16 year olds who are reaching for the stars and beyond. Chase Reed is an amazing kid who grew up in Harlem and not only has he created his own brand “Sneaker Pawn” but he also has plans of expanding to LA. The 16 year old came up with the genius idea of pawning sneakers and has been been mentioned in all top news sources. After reading his story how can we not be inspired to get off our butts and make power moves toward what ever we are trying to accomplish in life. Como se’ dice No excuses?!  I originally reported this story for Amsterdam News here in Harlem, but I had to share it with you all too!

“I thought Jordans and a gold chain was living it up,” a line dropped by Nas in his infamous “Street Dreams” track. Before Hip Hop emerged sneakers have been a staple in fashion. According to Forbes the Nike Air Jordan made up 58% of the United States basketball shoe market for 2012.

This explains the people camping out over night for the latest Jordan sneaker. Don’t stereotype the crowd though; Chase Reed may have been one of those kids. Not only has he capitalized off his Jordan fetish by opening Sneaker Pawn on Lenox Avenue, the teen entrepreneur has expanded and will be opening a new location in LA in a few months.

Sneaker Pawn has become immensely popular and attracting customers from Europe, China and Japan. Celebrities such as Rapper Bizz Markie, DJ Kay Slay and DJ Clark Kent have all been spotted patronizing Sneaker Pawn.

I was inclined to ask his father, Troy Reed how he keeps his son grounded and focused in school.

“There is constant communication, plus I still make him sweep floors. He wakes up goes to school does his homework, and then he comes to work at the store.” Troy emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent flow of communication to ensure his son remembers he is still a kid. Chase also revealed he has big plans of going to college. He is aiming for a scholarship from the legendary HBCU Howard University.

Chase may not have Jordan money yet, but he is someone to look out for. Not only has this kid capitalized off a hobby most adults would deem as silly, he is setting a standard for the millennial generation. For more Sneaker Pawn information check out their site! http://sneakerpawnusa.com/


One thought on “Excuses are tools of the Incompetent…………………..

  1. Wonderful of you to promote someone else like this. What a great kid! I love seeing success stories of people with an idea and gumption to do something with it.
    Thanks for reading my post too 🙂 I’m glad you got something from it.

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