Woman on Fire, Valeisha Butterfield Jones.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe name Valeisha Butterfield Jones may not ring a bell to the average person but, with employers like Barak Obama and Russel Simmons, you may want to Google her. On August 16, 2014 Valeisha graced Ke & Te’ Radio with a dynamite interview that focused on her journey throughout the various ranks of the entertainment business. Valeishas’ tenacity is what secured her a gig working with legendary hip-hop group The Wu Tang Clan, interning for Mogul Russell Simmons, and serving four years with the Obama administration.

As if working with such eminent individuals was not enough, this woman on fire founded and orchestrated the WEEN organization. She is also an author. The Women in Entertainment Network (WEEN) strive to support, educate and promote the positive portrayal of women in the entertainment industry and society. Her new book entitled “The Girl Print” is the ultimate blueprint for girls wishing to propel their dreams into reality.

Valeisha was similar to many young adults starting their careers. She allowed people around her and her fears to dictate her career moves. After just one year in law school she knew studying law was not her passion. Hesitantly, she followed her gut and took off to take on the “big apple” to pursue a career in the entertainment business. Valeisha strategically worked odd jobs to make ends meet, and she believes you should “Let your day job finance your passion”.

Working as an unpaid intern for Russel Simmons, she accepted the fact that she would have to take a step back to work her way up the latter. Instead of being intimidated and bitter toward the younger executives in the company, Valeisha surpassed peers and superiors. Relentlessly, she worked under Russel for seven years and finished as a salaried employee and with the title of Vice President and Executive Director.

An Activist and public servant at heart, Valeisha was presented with the opportunity to work with then-Senator Barack Obama. Believing in his campaign for “change”,she began volunteering as an assistant in his presidential campaign. While applying skills acquired from her previous employer, Valeisha was able to aid Barak Obama in becoming the first African American president of the United States. Unbeknownst to her she would be offered a full time position under his administration.

While interviewing with Ke & Te’, Valeisha says she felt a duty to help young women achieve their goals in the entertainment industry. She stresses the importance of confidence and working 24 hours in order to turn your dreams to a reality.  Loving yourself beyond the “beatface” and weaves are components of overcoming obstacles while reaching for your goals.  During the interview she spoke to older women saying “it’s never too late chase a dream, be willing to sacrifice and have enough confidence to take a step back to propel forward”. For the full story on how this small town girl left her mark on a male dominated industry check out “The Girl Print” on Amazon.com. For additional information on the WEEN academy visit weenonline.org



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