This past Monday – March 24, 2014 – my co-host Nate’ and I enjoyed the tunes of Miss Sevyn Streeter. In case you’ve been under a rock, Sevyn has had a few hit singles including I Like It and It Won’t Stop featuring Chris Brown. I feel like I can name a handful of pretty girls who’ve had a hit single that haven’t lasted long, so I wasn’t too excited to see Sevyn. I figured she would be another one-hit wonder. I was wrong. Sevyn was EVERYTHING! Her look, check. Vocals, check. Dancing skills…check, check! Sevyn was soulful and sexy. I must have been living in a box because I had no idea how amazing she was. Sevyn packed the infamous SOBs in lower Manhattan. I would have to say, the girl-to-guy ratio to see her perform was definitely impressive; she may be your boyfriend’s new favorite R&B girl singer. Sevyn delivered a few of her own tracks; she also covered Stay by Rihanna and Drunk in Love by Beyonce. Usually this would be annoying, but Sevyn served as a pleasant surprise. She definitely paid tribute to Queen Be and the fashion icon known as Rihanna.

Sevyn comes off as the sexy girl-next-door. It warmed my heart to see her giving her all on that stage. I did a little research and Sevyn has been working for a minute! She started off with the group Rich Girls and opened for B2K back in the day. I love seeing a young girl’s dream come true, especially when she has been working her behind off for years. Ms. Streeter finished her performance off with a little TLC. She searched around the venue for a man who was “her type,” only to pick her rumored boyfriend, Tristan Wilds. Tristan (from The Wire) had a shy look on his face when Ms. Streeter started singing and dancing all slow and sensual.  He didn’t look unfamiliar with the body of Sevyn; let’s just say he looked right at home.


The performance was amazing and I am now  a converted Sevyn fan! If you were under a rock like me don’t fret download Sevyn Streeters album entitled “Call me Crazy”.  If you like soulful and down to earth music you will go bananas over Ms. Streeter.



Check out Ms. Streeter working  Mr. Mack (feel free to take notes ladies 😉


This is the song that made me a Sevyn FIEND BANDS



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