Josephine Baker


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Every so many centuries we are graced with a extraordinary human being. In the early 1900’s it happen to be a woman named Ms. Josephine.  To highlight black history month Ke & Te’ Radio decided to highlight Ms. Baker, not just for her talents but for her humanitarianism.  For the sake of time I won’t review her entire life, but I will highlight achievements and obstacles that defined her.  

Growing up a black woman in the 1900’s was immense to say the least. While most may have succumb to the pressure of racism to survive, Josephine rose to the occasion. She did leave the states when she was presented the opportunity to travel to France and perform,but she came back a superstar. Regardless of the race war going on in the states France celebrated Baker and loved her for her wit and sex appeal. Her iconic banana skirt has influenced female entertainers for centuries, including Beyonce’  Baker took risks in France during performances that a Black woman in the states couldn’t imagine taking. Even though she was a sensation overseas when she came back to the states she was looked down upon.  The newspapers in the United States labeled her a “black wench” for her topless costumes while performing. She was even judged for marring several Frenchmen.  Baker was a influential part of the civil rights movement and even made a citizens arrest when a man hurled a racial slur her way.  At the bud of her career she was labeled as too dark and skinny, but none of these obstacles deterred her. Baker was a extraordinary figure because no mater what was put in front of her to make her fail she leaped over it. Her own mother told her she would never make it as a dancer, only for her to become the highest paying  entertainer in France. Beside blurring the lines of racism, Baker adopted 12 children from all over the country. Naming them the rainbow tribe.Baker wanted the world to see how boys and girls of different races could be brother and sister.  

There has yet to be another entertainer quite like Josephine Baker. Beside her immense talent, she was a political leader and a advocate against racism.  I hilighted her because she believed in herself more than anything, and that is he type of mind set  you must have to make it in this world. Josephine is definitely a blast from the past worth learning more about. Below are my fave fun facts about Josephine Baker.


1.) Born June 3, 1906.(Day after my birthday!!!!Reports have actually said this may have not been her real DOB but for my sake we are going to pretend anyway).

2.) She had over 1000 marriage proposals.  (Most of us can’t even get one).

3.) First Black Woman to star in a major motion picture, ZouZou

4.)Turned down the opportunity to unofficially lead the civil rights movement by Coretta Scott King.

5.) Received military medals for assisting in The French Resistance of WWII

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Below is a link to the movie of her life. The Josephine Baker Story.



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