Fred The Godson


Ke to Success- Prayer

Febuary 20,2014 Fred The Godson graced Ke & Te’ Radio with his new joint  Quarter Past three. The new joint is a old sample of Donal Jones. Fred gave us a run down about his past, the inspiration from his hit single Monqies room and gave us his Ke’ to success. Fred discussed how he suffers from kidney disease, high blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes! The first two illnesses are enough for any man to want to throw in the towel! This is proof Fred is not your dime a dozen rapper!   He explains he is taking measures to stay healthy and has even lost a gang of weight since he first hit the scene.  Doctors constantly advise him to get more sleep but he insists on working.” I can’t sleep, even if I’m just laying there my mind is racing.”  He remembers being back in high school(which he didn’t finish) trying to play sports he would occasionally have to sit out because of his illness. Nothing stops this man, not even a few life threatening illnesses.  As we move into the Ke to Success segment of the show Fred revels his Ke to success is Prayer.  Regardless of what religion you are, we can agree you have to strongly believe in something to survive in this world. Prayer and staying prayed up, are the tools Fred uses to push him and pave a way for himself.   The rapper speaks on how difficult it was in the beginning of his career to spit without becoming short of breath.  “ That’s how I know I was put on earth to do this.”   He continues to break barriers regardless of his illness and doesn’t entertain excuses.   As long as Fred works hard and maintains his prayed up status, he will continue to win!

Click below for his new single Quarter Past Three


You missed my show with Fred? It’s ok hit the link below


One thought on “Fred The Godson

  1. He is one of the most humble down to earth rappers I know especially being from new york. He’s so real and you asked some really great questions! I love his honesty about his weight and his struggles. Really enjoyed reading this article. ♥

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