Nicki Minaj and Cassidy “Looking A**”


Nicki Minaj


Yung Thug


Minaj recently released her new single. Looking A**.   For Nicki fans who have been following her since the begging of her career, this is epic! Minaj has been facing a lot of backlash from her original fans because of her transition to pop music.   Nicki denies the fact that she has switched over from gridy hard core Hip Hop to the delightful bubbly sound of Pop music.  If you ever compare the 2009 Nicki Minaj to her recent collaborations with artist like Justin Bieber and lady Gaga the difference is obvious.  Thank the music gods the old Nicki is back! Her newest track Looking A** N***** has been the topic of many Hip Hop conversations.  The song has a hard beat where she comes for men who are under achievers but pretend to be something they are not.  She ruffled so many feathers that Rapper Pappose came with a remix. ( Think TLC’s” No Scrubs” VS. Sporty Thieves “No Pigeons” ) I’m sure this is the first of a few remixs.  The fact that this single has not even been out two weeks and it is already causing major controversy tells you it’s a HIT.  Minaj even shows off her new look in the video! Nicki Minaj again has proven despite her critics she is a musical genius. Not many artist can flip flop between pop and hip hop. Ms.Minaj does it effortlessly! Nicki Minaj has mastered the art of versatility and this is why since she hit the scene in 07 she has had NO competition.  She continues to reinvent herself. She can be a main stream artist and appeal to the teeny boppers, then come right back for her street fans who loved her first.   Check out her newest feature with Young Thug entitles Danny Glover! Whether it’s the new Nicki or the old Nicki get over it she is here to stay!

Nicki Minaj Looking A**

Cassidy Looking A** B*****

Yung Thug ft. Nicki Minaj


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