Suite 135



This past weekend  I had the opportunity to visit #Suite 135. If you haven’t heard, Suite 135 is a new lounge in Harlem. Co-owned by Love  & Hip Hop cast member Tahiry.   Through Insta I’ve been seeing a lot of events being  held at the lounge recently so I had to go see what all  the noise was about. (And somehow I ended up there twice in one weekend). 

Friday night was really relaxed. We ended up there around 10:30 PM straight from happy hour looking for somewhere to drink more and dance all night( It was TGIF, TURNUP).  The fact that ladies were free before  12PM definitely influenced our decision making. There was barley a line at the door so we were able to get in quickly.  Once we get inside the hostess greeted us  by saying  “$20 each”.  Immediately I said “ what happen to ladies free until 12?” ( I have no shame). She tells us that only applies to those on the guest list.  As my home girl pulls out $40, I take her outside. I immediately go on my phone and put us down for 2 on the guest list on the site.  We come back in and tell her we are on the list. (Yall know she didn’t even have a list in front on her).  When we walked in I was shocked to see girls in their panties on poles!  Then I remembered this is a “Go-Go lounge”.  Whatever that means.  The girls were gorgeous and the guys were definitely making it rain! Between the hookah, drinks and girls. I can chalk it up to a good night.

We didn’t mean to go twice in one weekend ! But since my friend and I live in Harlem we were like why not? Plus Sunday was open bar! What 24 year old says no to a open bar( Don’t worry Ill wait…….Exactly!) So we were in there yet again.  All the promotion stated the open bar ended at 12PM so we came by 11PM. Other people must have thought like us because after I got in line, it started to get long! I usually don’t do lines…..PERIOD!  With so many places to party in NYC it just is not necessary.  Plus,  I think its rude for you t expect me to patronize your business after you have me waiting in the cold. As we waited in line 5 minutes went by then 15 minutes. We didn’t get in until ll:30! And the only reason I made it in by 11:30 is because I complained so much security let me skip the line. The fact that I was outside for 30 minutes put me in a real sour mood.  Lucky after I got in, I had a drink and warmed up.  The DJ’s really helped changed things around.  DJ Louie Lou was one of them they definitely were spinning for the ladies and there transitions were EVERYTHING!

I probably will patronize Suite 135 again for the simple fact I did have a good time and it is a quick spot to go in my neighborhood.  I’m not in love with the level of customer service that was given, but they are a new venue so hopefully they will STEP IT UP!


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