A King And An Ace

photo 1When Love & Hip Hop New York Rah Ali’s PR contacted me and asked if I would like to sit down with her to discuss her new novel, I was thinking “is that even a question?” I adore Rah and I sincerely learn a lot about business when I speak to her.  The idea of her writing a fictional novel  because it was on her “bucket list” really inspired me!  A King and An Ace will be released March 27th. The story highlights the events surrounding the main character Mia as she battles a secret that cannot be reveled.  Betrayal, sexuality and unpredictability are all obstacles she attempts to overcome which lead to a compelling story. Be sure to look for this amazing novel!  It will available through Itunes, Kindle, Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. I sat down with Rah to learn what inspired this novel and what the process was to becoming a published writer.

Key To Success: A Check List

How did you began the process of writing a novel?

I started working with a production company called LFF Productions. They produce a lot of urban novels.  The owner Michelle and I talked about what I would want the book to be like and what story I wanted to tell and express. She felt I was an interesting person that a lot of people didn’t know much about. So she thought my creative side would be interesting to see.  We had a meeting and we made It happen.

What are some of the first steps you took to make this happen?

The production company lays a format out for you. I had so much written,  I kind of wrote my book over the years.  As things would happen I would notate it. Then I sent it to them for the editing process.  Once that happens you shoot your cover and then you just do it.

Were all of these new or past experiences?

I would say from the age of 13 to now.  Every experience is not my own.  This is a fiction novel, I want to make  that clear.  I would say this is my creativity, from things I have seen to my own experiences with a creative twist.

How did you go about finding a publisher ?

I do a lot of reading.  I am one of those people you can call a research Guru.  You can ask me how do I get into the chandelier business? I will read and read about that particular field until I get through it.  So I do a lot of research and reading. I wanted to partner with the best publisher that could produce and stand  behind me.  I think LFF is one of the best.  The owner and I were on the phone everyday for months.

How long would you say it took to write this?

About a year and half.

What do you want readers to get from your book?

I want them to get involved with the characters and I want them to follow them and get excited about what happens next. The way the story is lined up my readers are going to be intrigued by the characters in the book.

What was your favorite part about writing this book?

The climax! You will never expect the turn it takes.  I get excited myself.  It’s like watching Being Mary Jane or Scandal.

Where do you like to write ? Or what time of the day?

I like to come home make dinner and go in my woman cave and write.  Make my to-do list for the rest of the week and write, I love that!

What is your demographic of readers?

The same demographic that buys my shoes. Which is between  the ages of 18-42. No particular race.

 How have you been promoting the book?

Interviews, social media, promotions, that’s about it.  Just spreading the word.

Hopefully this inspires a few aspiring Authors! Or at least gets those creative juices flowing!


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