I recently had the opportunity to have a chat with Love & Hiphop New York cast member  Rah Ali. This woman is definitely a powerhouse! While Love and Hiphop may portray her as just a friend to one of the main characters, behind the scenes she is working ! Rah went from being a receptionist at BadBoy to owning several businesses and putting the connections she made to work.  Rah gave me the 411 on several of the businesses she owns and what differentiates her from the rest of the female cast members.  Ali was honored by Russel Simmons and received the Joseph Papp Racial Harmony Award. The award is presented to individuals who take leadership in strengthening  race relations through personal and business endeavors.  (How may realty stars can say they were honored my a HipHop Mogul?)  Clearly, she is doing something right!  She made a point to acknowledge the business relationships she made aided her success.

 A KEY to Rahs’ success: Connections, building strong business relationships.

KEY -How did you get your start?

RAH- I was filling in for one of the girls on maternity leave at Bad Boy. About two weeks into the job I decided to apply for an executive assistant position.  My boss was also on tour at the time, so it gave me the opportunity to do what I had to for him but I also got the opportunity to brain storm and figure out what  I wanted to do for myself. I always knew I would not spend my entire life working for someone else.  I put in my resignation and I just went for it and opened my shoe store. (encoureshoetique.com ladies, and gents)

KEY- What is 5 approved?

RAH-5 approved is a company I own with my fiancé and a good friend.  It is a promotion company where we promote upscale events, products and services.  It’s all about promotion and marketing.  Whether it’s a restaurant someone just opened, or a event someone is planning, we use a event to promote their business or product.

KEY-Tell me about “It Chicks”
RAH-A luncheon and a brunch that I created about 7 years ago.  I would turn my store into a mini restaurant and bring women from different walks of life together.  I single handedly pin point each female I feel should be in a room with one another, they are from different industries and I bring them together.  Weather it’s a surgeon who has been in the business for 20 years, or a pediatrician, or there may be a top chief. All those people can work with each other and at some point they can pick up the phone and connect with each other. All women at the top of their game but in their industry.

KEY How were you introduced to the opportunity to appear on “LHHNY”?

RAH-Through my company 5 approved, Cherry Martinez hired our company to put on her “Girl Power Event”. Mona Scott Young was being honored as being a woman in entertainment.  At the time I had bright red hair and I stood out to her.  I ended up giving her assistant my information from there I came in for casting.

KEY-8 What do you want viewers to learn about you from watching LHHNY?

RAH-I want them to understand I am a exceptional friend on and off the camera. I want them to understand I am  a business woman, but not one who needs to necessarily always say I am a business woman. When you are a business woman people already recognize that and they see it through your actions.  I am a professional but I will not allow anyone to walk on top of me. I will speak my mind, it doesn’t matter if your friends, fans or family. If you cross me, I will make sure that is the last time it will ever happen.

KEY-Tell me about the wedding special you have coming up.

RAH-I can’t give to many details, but  I can say Shaunie O’Neal will be executive producing it. I have known her for about 7 or 8 years so I am excited to work with her again.  She knows my fiancé’  really well and I am sure she knows exactly what direction we want to go in for the show.

KEY-What do you want Rah to be known for?

RAH-Definitely, being a go getter, starting out as a underdog but not being afraid to run the race slow and steady.  I am not looking to have a overnight success story.  I am looking for people to be able to follow my journey and see the steps that I made.



One thought on “RAH ALI

  1. Love this interview especially the part when she said “when you are a business woman people already recognize that and they see it through your actions” nicely put 🙂

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