Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Staying focused on your dream can be difficult to say the least.  Chasing your dreams can be even more discouraging when everyday obstacles rear their ugly head.  To ensure my eyes stay on the prize I keep positive people around me who support my dream.(Even if it is just a couple)  I also believe in keeping reminders around me at all times like quotes, bible verses, pictures of large sums of money….. Okay Okay, forget the last thing I mentioned. Seriously though people, we need constant reminders to keep us on our toes and while money is a great MOTIVATOR you should never let it make you. Keeping positive people around you is more imperative than you think. A great team is a KEY component in succeeding. We would all like to believe we can do it on our own but reality is “people need people”. Don ‘t just take it from me though, hit the link and check out what Steve Jobs has to say about the correlation between success and people. BTW a little perseverance never hurt!


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