This past weekend a lot of people were TURNT UP to the max at the Hip Hop Awards in Hotlanta. AKA the ATL. Others(including myself) were attending THE POWERHOUSE CONFERENCE AKA WOMEN DOING IT BIG!  (Getting my entrepreneurial skills up! )We did it so big, to say the least. The Alhambra Ballroom in Harlem was filled with influential entrepreneurs and just over all good people.  Dr. Tiana Von Johnson realtor to the stars was the mastermind of the event.  While guests such as Roxanne Shante, Emily B(VH1 Love & Hiphop)Lucinda Cross, Amanda Seales, and Shelly Jones gave eloquent speeches and graced the purple carpet.  This event was definitely a place to network and learn from each other.  I was lucky enough to even snag a few contacts and some amazing conversations.  I’m really sorry if you missed out, lucky for you this is a national event and something you should catch up with in your own city.  Click the link to check out when the POWERHOUSE will be in your city www.womendoingitbig.com.

My first interview was with Ms. Amanda Seales!  Her words were definitely piercing and hit me hard. She had so many KEY points that I thought were imperative to success. Especially in the entertainment business. She taught me persistence is key! Which is easier said then done!  “Persistence is what separates the people who make it in this business from the people who don’t”.  Check out the rest of conversation below.  By the way not only does Amanda host Master Of The Mix on VH1, she is doing a one woman stand up called “It’s Complicated” plus she is an artist. Can we say POWERHOUSE?  Her art work is pretty good.  I even have one of her pieces in my living room. (Clearly I’m a fan and I included her painting from my living room below)For more on Ms. Seales check out her Insta: @amandaseales ……In the mean time checkout what we talked about below.


securedownload (1)

Me:  “How were you presented with the opportunity to be on Master of the Mix?”

Amanda:  “ I literally woke up one day and there was an email, we would like you to be on Master of the Mix!”

Me: “What were you doing to even catch their attention?”

Amanda:  ‘Ive been doing television for 10 years:  “ I think in the case of Master of the Mix it’s just the fact that I’ve been working in this space for a long time consistently  and the fact  that I am a DJ. Really just CONSISTENCY, which is a lot easier said than done. When you’re working and being consistent it feels like UGH I’m just doing this,  I’m just doing this. BUT things come out of it and you had the stamina to just keep going.

Me: “So what your saying is persistence is important?”

Amanda: Persistence is the difference between people who make It in this business and the people who don’t! I mean that’s just that ! It’s so many people who are doing the same thing and persistency is the reason people ride to the top.  I would love to say it’s about quality but we all know it’s not.

Me:” What inspires you to keep going?”

Amanda: “It only takes one person to say you inspire me and thank you for doing what you do.” Plus I’ve been at this for so long I’m not going to stop now to become a nurse.  I know this is the type of business were you have to in a lot of work and everyone’s path is so different……..


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