Straight Legends were in the building at the Power House Conference.  Do yall here what I’m saying? I sat down with Roxanne Shante’.  Yes….”Roxanne Roxanne” Shante’. She was amazing and has a great spirit.  Speaking with her was very relaxed, literally like therapy.  When I speak of success I am generally speaking of financial gain and status.  She explained to me what she thinks success is and what it is like to be a legend.  Oh and let’s just say you won’t be catching her doing any reality TV anytime soon.  She was definitely a humbled spirit and breath of fresh air!!!!  I look forward to speaking with her again.  BTW you can totally follow her on twitter @imroxanneshante  😉securedownload (2)

Me: How do you personally define success?

Roxanne: “I  personally define success when a mother can look at her children and see them become successful that is truly success. I had my first child at the age of 14 , and to see him now becoming  a part of  NYPD is success to me. The fact that my daughter was born 1lb and 16 oz and now she is going to college a year early that is success to me.  It’s not about the industry or the financial gain.”

Me: “What is your ultimate goal career wise?”

Roxanne:” I think I’ve already reached my ultimate goal career wise. Once you have become a legend I don’t think there is anything you can do beside not be a legend.  That means mess it up with some reality TV or something.”

Me:” What is one factor that helped you get to where you are today?”

Roxanne: “My moms’ strong disciple. Even though they say it’s a strong line between discipline and abuse the discipline factor of it made me strong enough to handle things that came my way.”

Me : “What motivates you to keep going and not stop?”

Roxanne:  “The fact that God allowed me to still be here.  I’m a breast cancer survivor, so in all reality the rest of my life is his life. I can’t choose to stop”


2 thoughts on “2nd Time out from WOMEN DOING IT BIG WITH ROXANNE SHANTE’

  1. I truly enjoyed this interview, it’s very inspiring to me. She’s such a humble being and she’s not looking for anything more in life but to see her children doing well and remaining in great health. The fact that she wasn’t short with you during this interview made me love her even more…ROXANNE ROXANNE!!! Go Keke, keep up the fabulous work!

  2. Keydra,

    I’m so proud if you. This interview was amazing. You are an inspiration to me. You’ve always set goals for yourself and your accomplishing them!! Keep up the good work I look forward to reading more of your work!!

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