Hair Rules!!

About a year ago I had the the opportunity to sit with Hair Guru Anthony Dickey.  He is doing a phenomenal thing at his salon Hair Rules, by catering to people with all different hair textures.   He went  from being an assistant for 5 years (talk about dedication) to becoming a celebrity stylist,owning his salon and writing a book! He has celebrity clients from Singer Estelle to Solonge Knowles.  His book Hair Rules: An Ultimate Guide for Woman With Kinky, Curly and Wavy Hair is extremely informative and a fun read.  I was not able to sit down with him for long, but checkout what we did cover below.

“Me: How did you get your first start at doing hair?”

Dickey: “I moved to San Francisco from Arizona and my aunt put me through beauty school.  I hated school! I was horrible at it.”

Me: “Your salon is considered multi textural because you deal with all hair types.  Why did you choose a mutitexual salon?”

Dickey: “Life is learning! Why does it have to be black or white? There Is no “correct salon”. I wanted to accommodate everyone.  Why not celebrate the difference.”

Me:  “What is the biggest misconception about Kinky hair?”

Dickey: “It is tough and unruly, it doesn’t grow, you can’t put too much water.  No one expects us to wear our hair natural”

Me: “What is your favorite part about doing hair

Dickey:“Dispelling myths.  Teaching woman to love their hair!”

Me:  “Who inspires you?”

Dickey: “No one person.  But everything inspires me. Anyone who is thinks outside the box.”

Sitting down with Dickey is always fun? He definitely made me see dedication and determination  can make your dreams come true!

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One thought on “Hair Rules!!

  1. Those were some great questions! You got straight to the point without sounding rushed and it seem like a fun interview!! I look forward to reading more on your site, keep posting I need moreeee! 🙂

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