Started from the Bottom Now We Here?

This Blog is dedicated to the , the grinders, and the hustlers who go above and beyond to achieve success.  We hear success stories of actors, musicians, artist and entrepreneurs who sky rocket to fame but we rarely get the DEETS on what it takes to become successful.  I want to get the full story! From how AN IDEA BECOMES A  money tree.  We all want to be successful…..Right? BUT what separates the everyday JOE from being the next Steve Jobs?  Or the next rapper on the corner TO being Jay Z? What did they do that was so different? Was it LUCK? DOES GOD like them more!? WHAT IS IT? Don’t get it twisted I don’t want a BLUEPRINT, but what I want to study is the common factors or non common factors in those who have achieved “success”.

Ill be speaking with entrepreneurs, designers, artists, restaurateurs, bloggers, or anyone who wants to answer questions about their journey. It doesn’t matter if your at the bottom, or the top, every step matters to me!

BTW THIS BLOG is solely about you journey,I don’ t care about love lives or social lives! This is strictly about business, this is not a gossip BLOG, We have enough of those!  Plus “They” say never mix business with pleasure! 😉 (Maybe thats Cardinal Rule #1?)

PS. If you would like to talk about your own journey just HMU!



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